It’s been a wild year for Chris Pratt, thanks to scoring hits with movies like The Tomorrow War, and of course being cast in  Illumination’s Super Mario Bros. movie. But just when you thought all Pratt had in his future was prepping for Nintendo greatness, as well as stoking the fires on films like Jurassic World: Dominion, another iconic character has been added to his dance card. Meet Chris Pratt: the new voice of Jim Davis’ beloved creation, Garfield

As previously reported several years ago, the action in this Garfield adventure is going to be animated, thanks to production company Alcon Entertainment. However, as The Hollywood Reporter has announced, worldwide distributor Sony Pictures has just jumped on board to take the fat orange cat out for a spin, with Pratt scoring another voice role after previous efforts like The LEGO Movie duology and Disney/Pixar’s Onward

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