Bioshock may have come out almost 15 years ago, but its impact is still felt in today’s video games. However, it never got to move to a different medium as the film adaptation was canceled, but Solano Pictures recently did its part, creating a short film based on one of the game’s numerous audio diaries.

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The short, noir-inspired film, The Interrogation of Timmy H, tells the story players only hear a quick snippet of in the first game in the audio diary titled “Timmy H. Interrogation.” The film has some of the same set dressing — a drenched, tied-up man who is next to a big battery — but it takes some creative liberties in its interpretation as it moves the scene to a larger room and adds certain special characters to the mix. It even has the same dialogue, but splices in some of its own original lines in between the parts ripped from the audio diary.

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Solano Pictures’ website has a few behind-the-scenes photos from its Pittsburgh shoot and its credits which include Garry Schyman, the composer of all three Bioshock games, Dante’s Inferno, both of Monolith’s Middle-earth titles, and the upcoming RPG Forspoken, just to name a few.

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