Danny DeVito famously played Oswald Cobblepot — or the Penguin, as he’s also known — in Tim Burton’s 1992 film Batman Returns. Just recently, DeVito returned to the character by writing a comic book that was featured in DC’s Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant No. 1 that was released this week.

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DeVito’s story sees the Penguin fall in love with Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, and also sees the duo forcibly vaccinate the world, thus ending the pandemic that is currently happening. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, DeVito said he had a great time working on the 1992 film and was initially hesitant to write the comic.

“I loved working on the movie and I loved working with Tim, and the whole ideas of Oswald was so much fun to do,” DeVito said. “At first I was a little bit hesitant about doing the comic, but then I got into the fact that I’ve always been a big fan of Michelle Pfeiffer, and the Penguin obviously lusts after Catwoman. So I figured I’d put those two together, and then it was also in the middle of the pandemic, which we’re still fighting with. I thought it would be good if Penguin had a little bit of Robin Hood in him.

“If you’re going to exercise the part of you that wants to put people through hell, it’s good to take it out on the people who are dishonest, the profiteers of the world. Not that Oswald’s not into money. You gotta support those lairs! You need all your clowns. Everybody’s gotta get paid. It’s very democratic. But he’s the king.”

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Fans looking to pick up the comic can find it in local comic book stores or online now.

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