The Washington Commanders have a new quarterback, a new name, and still possess a haul of potential picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. After trading for Carson Wentz, where do the Commanders currently sit in the draft? And what positions could they target with each of their 2022 NFL Draft picks?

Washington Commanders draft picks in 2022

  • Round 1 | Pick 11
  • Round 2 | Pick 47
  • Round 4 | Pick 112
  • Round 6 | Pick 188
  • Round 7 | Pick 228

It may be a bleak affair if you’re a Commanders fan and are looking for action in the 2022 NFL Draft. Currently, after trading away their third-round pick to secure Wentz, the Commanders are left with just five picks this year.

Granted, Washington stands in a draft-changing position at pick No. 11. The Commanders could look long-term and select a quarterback with the 11th pick. Or they could secure a number of other positional needs, allowing quarterbacks to slip even further or prompt teams to attempt to trade up. Either way, Washington’s selection at 11th overall should be draft-changing.

Washington Commanders 2022 NFL Draft needs

Even though they traded for Wentz, the likelihood that he is the long-term solution to their quarterback quandary is slim. In fact, Wentz may just be a stopgap to a rookie taking the reigns over as early as the 2022 season. After all, the third-round pick they traded in the 2023 NFL Draft becomes a second-round pick if Wentz crosses a snap threshold.

Could Wentz really be the answer for the 2022 season as they break in a new quarterback? And could that quarterback be selected with the 11th pick?

As likely as that could be, the Commanders also have a few other needs on an otherwise-stacked roster. Quarterback is a big need, but replacing some losses on offense are also interesting selections with their current capital. An offensive guard could be a viable option early while securing one of the draft’s top options at safety with pick No. 11 is also in the cards.

Even with Wentz on the roster, the Commanders’ current draft needs are:

  • Quarterback
  • Tight End
  • Offensive Guard
  • Safety
  • Offensive Tackle

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