Do you like scary movies? Unlike Scream’s lead final girl Sidney Prescott, Jason Blum loves them and has built a life and successful career out of them. As the founder of Blumhouse Productions, Blum has produced a large number of successful and recognizable horror films over the last 15 years. As his most recently released horror movie Halloween Kills already succeeding at the box office, Blum has opened up about the creepiest movies he’s seen.  

The producer’s success in the industry has led to Blumhouse tackling some pretty iconic franchises, the most notable probably being the Halloween franchise. The famous movie he deems as the scariest he’s ever watched, though, comes from a franchise he hasn’t (yet) had the pleasure of recreating. In an interview with Comic, Blum reveals that the OG Friday The 13th is the film that brought him the most terror, although he also gave props to a few others:

The scariest movie for me was Friday the 13th. Although, I’ve never been as scared as when the first time I saw the movie, but the most scared I’ve ever been seeing any movie was Friday the 13th. I was too young when I saw it and it just destroyed me. So that’s a movie that we should all watch in October. And then, obviously, they’re less associated with Halloween too, but I think in terms of the best scary movie director, I think is Hitchcock. And I think you’d do pretty well watching Psycho on Halloween, too.

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