The term “show-stopping” has no doubt been used to describe Charlize Theron countless times but, in this case, it was a bit more literal. After casting the Oscar winner alongside Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road, one casting director was so spellbound by their chemistry that she got into an actual car crash. 

Casting director Ronna Kress recently spoke to Kyle Buchanan of Vulture for his book Blood, Sweat & Chrome: The Wild and True Story of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road. It was during their chat that she described the crazy incident that led to her car backing into a pole. She said: 

Once we saw them, we just knew. It was an indescribable, perfect thing…After the video call, Tom and Charlize and I were in the parking lot. I was looking at them, and they looked so unbelievable together — it was perfect; there was no question in my mind that we had done the right thing — and while I was waving goodbye to them, I backed my car into a pole and crashed the side of my car. Charlize ran up: ‘Oh my God, Ronna, are you okay?’ I said, ‘I’m fine. I was just staring at you guys!’ That’s how intense it was.

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