Beamdog, a developer most known for rereleases of classic computer RPGs, has just revealed MythForce. This new game keeps up the team’s fantasy lineage while shifting the genre to a first-person action roguelite. The change in genre also comes with a change in visual style as it looks like it was ripped straight off an ’80s Saturday morning cartoon with its cel-shaded art direction. Mythforce is coming out on April 20 in early access on the Epic Games Store, meaning that players can tune in quite soon.

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Both the gameplay trailer and the animated introduction (complete with a catchy theme tune) show off MythForce‘s band of four heroes. Players can team up with friends in online co-op to embody the whole adventuring party or just take out their favorite warrior for a solo spin against the hordes of skeletons that lie behind every procedurally generated dungeon door.

Beamdog CEO Trent Oster spoke with GameInformer for MythForce‘s reveal, admitting that it was a lot different than what fans typically expect from the studio.

“MythForce is pure, unadulterated fun – right out of the Saturday mornings of my childhood,” he said. “With a simple yet satisfying game loop, it’s a big departure from the RPG classics we’re known for, but the Beamdog DNA is evident if you know where to look.”

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And since it is an early access release, it won’t be the full game. This abbreviated look at the title will contain the first chapter (titled Episode 1: Bastion of the Beastlord), with more adventures to come as development continues.

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