Nick Saban’s salary was once the pinnacle of the sport, as he made upwards of $10 million a year in salary. His deal set the precedent we now know today for lucrative contracts in collegiate sports. Yet, despite all his success and his massive net worth, Saban has fallen behind some of his college football counterparts.

Making matters even more interesting for Alabama’s head coach, the contract he signed that put him at the top of the head coaching ranks was signed in 2021. Saban’s ceiling-breaking contract has paved the way for hefty deals in just the past few weeks. Still, he’s one of the highest-paid coaches per year but lacks top-end dollars. Let’s break it down.

Nick Saban’s salary in 2022

Saban is scheduled to make $9.5 million annually. That figure alone tops the charts. But that’s also without the incentives. For every year he stays at Alabama through the 2028 season, he’ll receive an annual $400,000 raise. So for 2022, he’ll make a base salary of $9.9 million. That goes up to $10.3 million in 2023, $10.7 million in 2024, and so on.

Fortunately for Saban, he’ll receive that boost and continually move up the ranks of highest-paid coaches. Former Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly signed a record-breaking 10-year, $95 million contract this offseason to join LSU. Mel Tucker signed a nine-year, $95 million deal with Michigan State, as well. Those figures bumped Saban to fifth on the list of annual salaries. His $400,000 annual raise and incentives surely boost him in the annual earnings enough to put him atop the leaderboard, however.

Saban’s annual incentives are … rich

Saban’s other incentives include year-end bonuses and goal-reaching money he’s set to receive. Those include $75,000 for appearing in or $125,000 for winning the SEC Championship Game. Also included is a bonus of $400,000 for appearing in the College Football semifinal game. Depending on the CFP Championship Game outcome, Saban is set to earn another $600,000 for just appearing or $800,000 for winning the game against Georgia.

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Say they win the title, Saban will earn a base salary of $9.5 million plus the $125,000 for winning the SEC, another $400,000 for making the semifinals, and that total figure of $800,000 for winning the title. That’d give Saban a grand total of $10.825 million for the 2021 season.

Saban’s net worth in 2022

It’s safe to say the best college football coach of this or potentially any generation is a rich man. Rich in tradition, Saban’s coaching tree is steeped in big-name jobs and gargantuan contracts. As such, it’s reported from Celebrity Net Worth that Saban’s current net worth is $60 million.

It wasn’t all incentives and big checks for Saban, however, to earn that net worth of $60 million. In fact, there were the days of old where Saban made pennies compared to what he makes now while serving as a defensive positional coach in the 1970s. It wasn’t until he took over for Michigan State from 1995-1999 that he earned over $500,000 a year. And it wasn’t until he took the LSU head coaching job in 2000 that he earned more than $1 million annually.

Saban has more than earned that net worth. He’s won seven national championships — six of them while at Alabama. Saban eclipsed double-digit SEC titles as well, winning 10, including his most recent victory against Georgia in the 2021 SEC Championship Game just last month. He won another two with LSU and the other eight with Alabama.

Saban will go for his eighth national championship, furthering the gap between him and second place (former Alabama head coach Bear Bryant, who has six).

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