From producer Sam Raimi and director David Yarovesky (Brightburn) comes Nightbooks—a coddling, compassionate children’s horror adaptation about “weirdness” and what it means to be an outcast. Not the description you were expecting? As Netflix continues to corner the market on accessible gateway horror, Nightbooks utilizes the genre to discuss bullying, acceptance, and individuality in adolescent translations. “The thing that makes you weird makes them ordinary.” J.A. White’s source literature provides a sweetly enduring foundation for screenwriters Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis. They seem vastly more comfortable telling stories for knee-high audiences versus whatever happened with The Curse Of La Llorona.

It’s wholesome, packed with a love of all things spooky, and becomes undeniably entrenched in the more mature inclinations of Ghost House Pictures and Yarovesky during a rather frightful—teetering on age-appropriate—finale.

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