Throughout the years that passed between Pacific Rim’s 2013 debut and its 2018 sequel, the hype machine that eventually gave us Pacific Rim: Uprising saw a minor detour that remains one of the greatest “what if” scenarios. As we all know, the second adventure we saw in theaters wasn’t the one that series co-creator/director Guillermo del Toro had intended to send out into the world. Years later, we finally have some clues regarding what that would have entailed, as del Toro has revealed what was going to happen in his version of the sequel. 

Speaking with The Wrap on behalf of the release of Nightmare Alley, the director laid out some details, presumably from the iteration of the project that was named Pacific Rim: Maelstrom. More specifically, the main conflict is the draw in this round of information, as we’d previously been clued into locations, events and even the proposed ending for this version of the project. As far as the new details are concerned, here’s what Guillermo del Toro revealed: 

The villain was this tech guy that had invented basically sort of the internet 2.0. And then they realized that all his patents came to him one morning. And so little by little, they started putting together this and they said, ‘Oh, he got them from the Precursors.’ The guys that control the Kaiju. And then we found out that the Precursors are us thousands of years in the future. They’re trying to terraform, trying to re-harvest the earth to survive. Wow. And that we were in exo-bio-suits that looked alien, but they were not. We were inside. And it was a really interesting paradox.

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