If you have not yet seen James Wan’s Malignant, your spooky season thus far in 2021 is lacking. Following the director’s run of hauntings and blockbusters, he has returned to his grimy, twist-filled roots with the movie, and it makes for a fantastically horrific experience. I explain as much in my four-star review of the film (which is totally spoiler-free), but you don’t have to take my word for it that it’s great. Also very much a fan of the new horror flick is genre legend Stephen King, who just recently caught up with the feature.

The author behind Carrie, The Shining, and IT didn’t precisely rush to watch Malignant, as the film was first released about three weeks ago – but it’s definitely a case of better late than never, as he clearly appreciated the viewing experience. He didn’t precisely provide elaborate criticism of the movie, limiting his thoughts to a single adjective, but it’s a word that has significance. Taking to his personal Twitter page, Stephen King wrote,

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