Like a lot of celebrities, Vin Diesel likes to use social media to keep his fans in the loop on what’s going on in both his professional and personal lives. However, it’s been a while since Diesel last threw something into the social media landscape, though he’s certainly not the only major figure in Hollywood who’s stepped away from such platforms for a spell. Now Diesel is back on the social media scene to explain why he’s been absent and share his feelings about the Fast & Furious franchise ending.

Until this past weekend, the last time Vin Diesel posted on Instagram was when he shared a throwback picture in late February of himself with his Fast & Furious costars Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson. In this latest post, the Dominic Toretto actor said that “when people in the world suffer,” he tends to “pull back from the shallow acts of social media.” But with so many people wanting to know about his “state of mind,” Diesel decided to oblige, and you can read his full message below.

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