As far as non-superpowered, badass movie protagonists go, James Bond is certainly one of the most well-known examples, if not at the top of the list. And while most us will go through life not knowing what it’s like to hunt down bad guys as a 007 agent for MI6, that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to boast the same kind of physicality Bond has. For those wishing to accomplish such a goal, the trainer who worked with Daniel Craig during the entirety of his Bond tenure has revealed what it takes to undergo such a transformation.

As Simon Waterson detailed in his conversation with Men’s Journal, rocking the same kind of body Daniel Craig had in No Time to Die takes more than just working out. There’s also nutrition and a recovery regimen to implement. So let’s go the dieting aspect first. Before workouts, if Craig wasn’t eating a meal, he ingested a “a plant-based recovery shake using nut milk, plus protein and greens.” This was accompanied by a shot of turmeric juice to serve as a natural anti-inflammatory and a probiotic shot to bolster immunity.

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